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Redevelopment of St Paul’s House

June 17th, 2014

Following the successful redevelopment of St. Monica’s House, it was decided that St. Paul’s House could do with a facelift.

So far, this  month our contractor, Dave Smith, has given the resident’s lounge a lick of paint and fitted laminate flooring, which gives the area a fresh modern look.

The big job of modernising the large communal kitchen has begun and all the residents are looking forward to seeing the finished look.

Photos to follow very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the before and after pics.



Redevelopment of St. Monica’s House

February 20th, 2013

Fantastic things have been happening at St. Monica’s House.  Just before Christmas 2012 a brand new kitchen was built with a large “island” which will be used for cooking lessons.  New interview rooms have been made so that clients can have privacy whilst working with their Key Workers.

The New Year has also been busy with a large conservatory being built.  Accessed via the kitchen, the conservartory is a fabulous dining room, which is lovely and warm in the Winter and during the Summer the large conservatory doors can be opened for an Al Fresco style of eating.

The client’s bedrooms have also being given a face-lift, with new wardrobes, chest of drawers and new flooring to give the rooms a new modern but comfortable look.


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